Whoo Hoot Wednesday

Well its whoo hoot wednesday again. Hi Janine

A couple of things to whoo hoot about:

Rediscovering my love of reading recently – I was a real book worm as a child/teenager loved my books to an extent that I would be totally engrossed and not notice the time or if people talked to me. I love fantasy books (Eragon) and historical books (like the Boleyn series) – an alternative escape to scrapping. I know its in the young adults section but the next set of books I am going to read is a Jonathan Stroud trilogy.

I’m really enjoying doing my layouts for Little shop of sketches and I loved how my layout came out for the olympics at sketchbook. I’m really grateful that I have the creativity to do layout that is not simple in under an hour as my scrapping place gets cold (its in the garage)- though my idea for the first challenge might take a bit longer as I am planning to do some experimenting.

I made a pea and ham soup on Saturday in the crockpot without a recipe and it was really tasty combined with a lovely loaf of yeast free sourdough bread – yumm and the kids ate all of theirs.

Yay NZ has medals Yippee and the All Blacks won whoo hoo

That’s me for tonight – have a great week


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Vicki
    Aug 21, 2008 @ 11:13:55

    I love how your layout came out too! You sound like me with your books especially getting totally engrossed in it and tuning everything else out. Have had a few complaints about that lately! LOL. The young adult books are really cool too.


  2. Janine
    Aug 21, 2008 @ 13:54:12

    Great list there. I am a total book worm and I have been enjoying the Boleyn series. I have become a tudors fan now. Got to love crockpots and how great are kiwi athletes. I think there are some great books for teens out there and I love reaidng them as well.


  3. diannasullivan
    Aug 23, 2008 @ 19:43:25

    Wow at you doing a layout in under an hour I seem to take for ever which one was yours at sketchbook. This weeks challenge has me slightly stumped should be doing it now instead of being on computer.


  4. Kim Fifield
    Aug 25, 2008 @ 01:23:58

    Hi Bev. Love the new blog. I have also had a revamp – you will have to change your link at some stage. http://paperpassion.typepad.com/ – will leave the kwikkliks blog there but just wont update it! Your layouts look fantastic. And go All Blacks!! (I miss Rugby! AFL is RUBBISH but it is all they have on in Victoria! Barffff! Which is why I asked Andrew to bring over a proper shaped rugby ball so dear Jack learns the REAL STUFF!! LOL. Have you read the Diana Gabaldon books yet?? I know your taste in books and you will LOVE the whole series! Anyway best start getting stuff organised for tomorrow since my cat has ruined my Scrapbooking plans by scattering my cut-outs everywhere! Lotsa Love – Looking forward to seeing my B-I-L!


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